Blockbuster movies are filled with amazing destruction shots and many of them were created using Houdini. In this series of lessons, you will learn how to smash a brick wall starting with shelf tools then open up the node network to add attributes and refine the resulting simulation. Next you will dive a little deeper and add some bending and more realistic chunking of the bricks to get an even more realistic result.

To follow along, you can download the project files which include the brick wall and animated car. There are start files for all three parts of this lesson and a final scene file if you want to explore the end results. The lessons get more challenging as you go along but all the information is provided to get you smashing this wall like a seasoned professional. 

Part 1 | Off the Shelf

In the first part of this lesson, you will use shelf tools to set up a Bullet RBD simulation. You will create the dynamics network and learn how to cache out the results and load them back in for fast feedback. You will also learn how to flipbook the resulting simulation to evaluate the shot.

Part 2 | Under the Hood

In part 2, you will dive into the network and explore how the contributing nodes work together to create the simulation. You will then add attributes to define some bricks as active and some as passive and use this to control how your final sim looks.

Part 3 | Next Steps

In the last part, you will work with the glue constraints and use a Bullet Soft Constraint to create some bending to add even more realism to the shot. You will also learn how to use impact data to control the breaking of the wall and how to clump bricks together. These secondary effects give your simulation a more authentic feeling that helps bring it to life.


  • alex_budulan 1 week, 3 days ago  | 

    Great tutorial! Thanks Mark

  • hound2003 1 week ago  | 

    Can U make a tutorial - how to use new tools in car crash?
    Metal - first deforming - then apart?

  • hound2003 1 week ago  | 

    Metal - first deforming - then breaks apart?

  • spev 6 days, 19 hours ago  | 

    Hello hound2003
    We can crtainly look into that

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