About Licensing FAQs

Can we share the licenses at our facility with our remote offices?

Yes, Local Access Licenses serve across two remote offices up to 100km in distance. Global Access Licenses serve more than 100km. However, you cannot share Workstation licenses. Please speak with your sales representative if you need to move a license to a remote office.

Are Houdini Licenses transferable?

No. License ownership may not be transferred to another company or individual. You are allowed to transfer a license to a different machine on your network. You may do this 2 times.

Are licenses operating system dependent?

No. Houdini licenses are operating system independent. As long as you have licenses to run the software, Windows, Linux and Mac can use the license (as long as you have installed the correct version of Houdini for your platform).

Can I change my password that I use for Houdini licensing?

Yes. You may change your password at http://www.sidefx.com/profile/. You must first log in with your current password to do so.

Does Mantra need a license for rendering?

Yes. Each time you call Mantra, it will use 1 Mantra token for rendering.

How many Mantra tokens do I get with a purchase of Houdini?

When you purchase Houdini FX or Houdini, you are entitled to Unlimited Mantra tokens. Initially, we send you 5 Mantra tokens for each Houdini FX and each Houdini. To set up more render nodes and access your unlimited supply of Mantra tokens, please contact sales@sidefx.com.

I can't log into my account for licensing. What do I do?

Please contact support@sidefx.com.

How does Mplay licensing work?

You may run unlimited instances of Mplay as long as you have 1 valid Houdini product license (Houdini FX, Houdini, Houdini Engine).

When does my (term based) license expire?

It expires one minute before midnight local time on the date of expiry.

For example, If your license says that it expires June 30th, it will expire at 11:59pm June 30th your time.

Can I use 2 computers for my workstation license?

No. You may use 1 workstation license per computer. If you would like to run Houdini on 2 computers, you will either need to purchase a floating license or 2 workstation licenses – 1 per computer.

I just purchased Commercial licenses. I thought they were permanent licenses. Why do they expire in just a few weeks?

Once accounting verifies payment, permanent licenses will be issued to you in the form of extensions of your existing licenses. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or sales@sidefx.com.